, China
Birthday:Feb. 21
Height:1.66m (5'5")
Drama B.A.:Central Drama Academy
Special Skills:Dance; Basketball; Martial Arts Swordplay and Kungfu; Sprinting (record holder for 100-meter dash in Shishi, Fujian)
Languages:Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
Favorite Sport:Basketball
Favorite Season:Spring & Fall
Favorite Singer:Bjork, U2, Coldplay
Favorite Film:Too many


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Film Credits

You Are Not Sixteen

Director: Mi Jiashan

Instant Noodle Days

Director: Wang Jing

The Lord of Hangzhou
[Hong Kong]

Director: Andy Chin

An Unusual Love
(special appearance)

Director: Wu Tian-Ming

Urban Love

Director: Tao Lingling

Bus 44

Director: Dayyan Eng


Special Jury Award - 2001 Venice Film Festival
Jury Honorable Mention - 2002 Sundance Film Festival
Directors' Fortnight - 2002 Cannes Film Festival
Grand Jury Award - 2002 Florida Film Festival
Official Selection - 2003 New York Film Festival

The Ghost Inside

Director: Herman Yau

Waiting Alone

Director: Dayyan Eng

Best Picture Nom - 2005 Chinese Academy Awards
Best First Feature Award - 2005 Beijing Film Festival
Favorite Actress Nom - 2005 Beijing Film Festival
Official Selection - 2006
Thessaloniki Film Festival
Official Selection - 2006 Hawaii Int'l Film Festival
Official Selection - 17th Tokyo Int'l Film Festival

Call for Love

Director: Zhang Jianya
Favorite Actress Nom - 2007 Beijing Film Festival

(special appearance)

Director: Benny Chan

The Detective 2

Director: Oxide Pang


TV Series Credits

Zou Jin Yang Guang


Beijing-Hong Kong Love Connection
[Hong Kong]

Syndication (China/Taiwan/HK)

Star, Moon, Sun
[Hong Kong]

Syndication (China/Taiwan/HK)

Han Kan Jin Zhao


Jiang Aiqing Jinxing Daodi
(guest star)


California Sunshine


Kangxi Weifusifang 3

Syndication (China / HK)

Zhonghua Yinghao

National Syndication

Basui Longye Nao Dongjing

National Syndication

Fight for Love
[Hong Kong]

CCTV / TVB / Syndication

Lian Zhencha
(guest star)

National Syndication

Chinese Folk Tales

National Syndication

Yuwang Shengji

National Syndication

Zhao Dan

CCTV National (prime time)




Chinese film & TV star GONG BEIBI began her career as a child actress. She graduated from the prestigious Central Drama Academy (B.A. in acting) where she gained fame and popularity among young audiences in China after starring in several hit TV series and feature films in both China and Hong Kong. Due to her success while still a student, she became known in the media at the time as "little Gong Li" (who was an alumni of her college).

After graduating, she has continued diversifying her roles with different projects, including Bus 44, which gained her critical acclaim in China, Europe, and North America where it premiered and won awards at the Venice Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

Gong Beibi recently starred in the feature film Waiting Alone, which opened to critical raves at the Tokyo Film Festival. The film was released nationwide in September 2005 and became a huge hit with youth audiences across China and one of the best reviewed and most talked about Chinese film the year. Waiting Alone was nominated for several awards including Best Picture at the Chinese academy awards (Golden Rooster). The film was also picked up for international distribution at Cannes 2006. Gong Beibi's memorable performance in Waiting Alone, which Varity called "impressive", recently caught the attention of Hollywood producers who have been contacting her with projects.

Beibi's latest film was the 2007 Chinese holiday ensemble comedy "Call for Love". Next, she stars in the prime time epic TV mini-series "Zhao Dan", which debuts on national TV in fall of 2009 and co-stars alongside Aaron Kwok in the HK thriller "The Detective 2".

When she's not busy shooting a film, Beibi divides her time between Beijing and Los Angeles.

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